Upcoming Sales


Rules for Sales

Our sales are conducted in accordance with the Florida statute 83.806, the units being sold are delinquent in rent, and the contents of the units are being sold at public sale.


  1. No one under 18 is permitted to bid.
  2. Bidders are responsible for their bid to be seen and heard.
  3. Bids will be accepted in the increments of $5.00.
  4. The door of the storage unit will be opened and bidders may only look from the outside of the unit. No one is permitted inside the unit or to touch any items inside the unit.
  5. Unit contents is sold as is, where is. There are no guaranties or warranties. NO REFUNDS!
  6. All units are sold in their entirety. No items are to be left on the property.
  7. A $25.00 deposit is required on each unit that is purchased. This deposit will be refunded once all items have been removed and the unit is cleaned.
  8. Contents from the unit must be removed that day. Additional time may be granted by Owner/Manager if needed.
  9. Payment is due immediately following the sale. Full payment must be received before successful bidder is allowed access to the unit.
  11. CASH ONLY!
  12. All personal items such as photos, birth certificates, wedding licenses, paperwork/documents containing social security numbers, etc., must be returned to the office.
  13. 7% Sales Tax must be paid or resale certificate provided.
  14. All bidders must sign the Bidder’s sign-in sheet and receive a number prior to the sale.
  15. Groveland Mini Storage, LLC (Owner/Management) reserves the right to cancel and/or refuse any bid for any reason.
  16. Bidders and guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless Groveland Mini Storage, LLC (Owner/Management) of any damages or injuries resulting from attendance at Groveland Mini Storage.
  17. The recording of any type of electronic device is NOT allowed on the property before, during or after the sale. This includes but not limited to audio recording, cell phones, cameras, camcorders, etc.
  18. Please do not smoke inside buildings or during bidding.
  19. Locks are removed from the unit at the time of the sale.